When I was introduced to Shehnaz, I had 2 special needs children who had required intensive, ongoing support and who were also starting Post Secondary. I had recently been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer(IBC), and given a very poor prognosis. I had very little in place for long term financial planning or for ensuring ongoing support of my daughters. Shehnaz patiently showed me that, even at this point in my life, a lot could still be done. She has helped me to simplify my financial affairs and put solutions in place to ensure the ongoing support of my daughter’s future needs. This has brought me great peace of mind, and allowed me to focus on fighting the cancer. I do wish I had met Shehnaz earlier, but I will be forever grateful for the gifts she brought to my life now. She helped me to see the benefits of having a good insurance and financial plan in place, and facilitated me achieving such. I strongly recommend connecting with Shehnaz, even if it is just to review your situation. She brings a refreshingly honest and practical mind set to solving real life challenges.

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