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Special Needs

Estate Planning Checklist for special needs families

  1. Will planning including
  2. the Henson Trust-an absolute discretionary Trust
  3. Beneficiary designation of Life Insurance  products
  4. Government grant setup
    1. Disability Tax credit
    2. Ontario Disability Support Payment
    3. Registered Disability Savings Program
    4. Passport Services/DSO
  5. Final expenses

Life Planning

  1. Advisory services for family relationships
  2. Job coaching
  3. Parent training
  4. Support for aging parents…

Are some of the services we can provide help with Our process

  1. First Meeting

Uncovering your needs:

Initial free consultation to collectively understand what needs have been met and what needs to be done  .

Review of documents and plans

2. Second meeting

Engagement  and analysis based on gathered information.

Create a roadmap to navigate through 5 pillar planning program

To ensure services and cash flow is preserved for the special needs person and for parents as needed

3. The journey of solutions begins …

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